A LEED® Platinum certified building

LEED® certification is a green building rating system that is both a design guideline and a certification tool for improving occupant well-being, environmental performance and economic efficiency.

The Canada Green Building Council has awarded the Sustainable Development House LEED® PLATINUM New Construction (NC) certification, an internationally recognized mark of excellence. It is the first building in Quebec to achieve this highest level of the LEED® green building recognition system.  This certification requires a minimum of 52 points out of a total of 70, and the House achieved its objective by obtaining 59 points. 

To achieve the best possible environmental and social performance, the building optimizes the relationship between the well-being of the users and the environmental impacts.

To achieve this, special attention was paid to

– air quality

– the choice of materials

– the ecological management of energy, water and waste 

In addition, the House establishes a social management, respecting sustainable development.

Le Fonds Écoleader

Since October 7, 2021, the Maison du développement durable is one of the 360 experts in ecoresponsible business practices registered in the Fonds Écoleader directory. It was able to join the famous directory thanks to its profile as a resolutely ecoresponsible organization.