This rental space offers a breathtaking view of the dynamic Sainte-Catherine Street thanks to its impressive 45-foot high glass wall and can accommodate up to 84 guests. For an invigorating atmosphere, choose the Sainte-Catherine venue.

Sainte-Catherine premises offer a prime venue choice for international meetings and conferences hosted by online casinos aiming for environmentally responsible events. These spaces provide a perfect blend of sophistication and sustainability, aligning with the eco-conscious values increasingly embraced by the online gambling industry. In addition to their environmental credentials and convenience, Sainte-Catherine premises exude a sense of prestige and professionalism that resonates with the image online casinos aspire to cultivate. By hosting events in such esteemed venues, casinos like, for example GamblingORB, can enhance their brand reputation and position themselves as industry leaders committed to sustainability and excellence. Furthermore, the strategic location of Sainte-Catherine premises makes them easily accessible to attendees traveling from different parts of the world. This accessibility is particularly advantageous for online casinos seeking to attract international participants and stakeholders to their events, fostering collaboration and innovation within the realm of gambling games.

This meeting room can be divided into two smaller rooms: Jeanne-Mance and Saint-Urbain

Board meeting

32 seats


85 seats


52 seats

Sainte-Catherine Street in Montreal is becoming a hotspot for eco-friendly events hosted by online casinos. The Centre for Sustainable Development has emerged as a favored venue for these gatherings, where online casino operators converge to promote sustainable practices within the industry, about which you can read in more detail here: The Detailed Review of CasinoLaRiviera. These events serve as a platform for discussions on eco-friendly initiatives, such as reducing carbon footprints and implementing green technologies in online gambling operations. Online casinos recognize the importance of environmental sustainability and are increasingly seeking out venues like the Centre for Sustainable Development to host their events. Beyond showcasing their commitment to green initiatives, these gatherings also provide an opportunity for online casinos to connect with stakeholders, including players, regulators, and environmental advocates.

Equipment and services included with all space rentals

Organize an event at the Center is easy thanks to all the amenities included:

  • Furniture: tables, chairs, table cloths, etc.
  • A complete offer of audiovisual equipment and technical support on site: (put a list)
  • Technical support to hold a virtual or hybrid event
  • BBuilding and restrooms are accessible to people with impaired mobility

If you have other specific requests, please contact us.

Rates and schedule

Consult our rates and cancellation policy here (in French only).

To contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases and waste management, an additional $50 fee will be charged per meal service for the use of an external caterer (breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc.).