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The Center for sustainable development (The Center) is the first LEED Platinum NC building in Québec located in the heart of dowtown in the Quartier des spectacles. An inspiring and innovative place which houses the offices of several organizations with social and environmental values. It offers an innovative calendar of events (more than 60 per year) on sustainability issues (with the collaboration of more than 100 partners), consulting services for responsable IT and real estate management, and the rental of bright and well-equipped venues. The Center reaches a community of over 47,000 engaged subscribers through its different communications tools.

Centre for Sustainable Development serves as a prime venue choice for international meetings and conferences hosted by online casinos. Recognized for its commitment to environmentally responsible practices, the Centre aligns seamlessly with the ethos of these events. Amidst the buzz of discussions on sustainable development, online casinos utilize rented spaces within the Centre to host workshops, seminars, and networking events. These gatherings serve as platforms for gambling industry leaders, about which you can read more here, to exchange insights, explore innovative solutions, and showcase their commitment to environmental stewardship. Furthermore, the Centre’s strategic location and state-of-the-art amenities provide online casinos with the ideal setting to introduce new gambling games and technologies. Whether unveiling eco-friendly gaming platforms or promoting responsible gambling initiatives, online casinos leverage the Centre’s reputation and resources to maximize visibility and impact.

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Our services

Rental spaces

Rent a venue at the Center for sustainable development and organize an eco-friendly event in the heart of downtown Montreal


Panels, conferences, workshops or special events aimed at educating and inspiring participants in their ecological transition journey.

A responsible approach to IT services

A responsible approach to IT services to reduce environmental footprint

Responsible real estate management

Support in transforming the environmental practices of organizations and of their buildings.

Support the mission

The Center for sustainable development is home to organizations who make our society a better place. By supporting the Center, you are also supporting its members, their mission and their activities.